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Finish and Fabrication


Tooling Technology & Automation offers full-service mold fabrication and finishing services for all of our tooling, including the following:


Vacuum and pressure form tooling , twin-sheet tooling

Drilling for vacuum, plumbing and manifolding of the temperature control system, back plates, and standoffs, pressure boxes, plug assists, installation of blow-pins, alignment pins, and any required machining. We offer molds with actuation and moving components.


Rotational mold tooling

Fabricated spider-works, alignment systems, springs and clamping systems, fill-ports, inserts, and machining.


EPS tooling

Venting, assembly of steam chests and loose cores into mold plates, ejector plates, any required machining. For parts with undercuts or back drafted areas, we also install air actuated, hinged or sliding mechanisms, depending on the specific application. We also offer special surface treatments for your tooling including polishing, sandblasting, or shot-peen texturing, all done in-house.

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