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2" Super Bushing

2" Super Bushing

Our Super Bushing is made from aluminum bronze with self lubricating graphite plugs. 

Super Bushings come with an adjustable CR Steel crash pad.   

The base material is 6061 Aluminum.

To order individual 2” Super Bushing specify component number 1074.

To order a 2” Super Pin and Bushing Set specify component number 1075.

Mounting bolts and dowels included.

Super dowel blocks can also be ordered with metric dowels and mounting bolts. 

When ordering metric specify “M” after part number.

2" Super Pin & Bushing Shim

The Super Pin & Bushing Shim is made of brass.

The Super Pin & Bushing shim are made to be placed under the CR steel crash pad.  They are available in 2 sizes 0.002” or 0.005”

To order a 0.002” shim specify component number 1076.
To order a 0.005” shim specify component number 1077.


2" super bushing2" super pin & bushing

2" super bushing diagram



1074 $300.00


1076 $3.90