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spanning across broad industries

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Automotive & Heavy Truck

Tooling Tech offers tooling solutions for the entire vehicle platform.

Compression Molds

Expertise in compression tooling for broad range of components.

Tooling Tech Group has experience in making tooling, molds, check-fixtures and gauges with material types, ranging from P20 steel, 4140 steel, mild steel, aluminum to prototype epoxy.

  • Acoustical and thermal hood
  • Door & floor insulation panels
  • Inner & outer dash panels, inserts and décor
  • Instrument panel insulators & closeouts
  • Die-cut insulation, armrests, door trim, body side molding
  • Carpet & floor assemblies
  • Headliners, trunk and cargo liners
  • Flooring systems & assemblies
  • Fascias
  • Class A Body Panels

Corvette Z06

Century has long history of providing compression molds for various body panels on the Chevrolet Corvette, most recently providing these panels on the 2018 Z06 model. The C6 Z06, originally introduced in 2006, was recognized for its use of advanced materials including an aluminum frame, magnesium roof structure, engine cradle and other suspension attachment points as well as carbon fiber panels for the front fenders, front wheel houses and rear fenders.

Ford Ranger

Ford’s research into improved efficiency through weight reduction with advanced materials including new metals, alloys and composites began more than 25 years ago. Although the new 2019 Ranger features a high strength steel frame, the company is employing composite truck beds and body panels to help reduce vehicle weight. Other highlights include frame-mounted steel bumpers, an aluminum hood and tailgate, and standard automatic emergency braking and rearview camera.

Heavy Truck

From the sleekest and sexiest of vehicles to the biggest boys on the highway, Century provides molds for many heavy truck manufacturers. When you look at the size of these cabs, you can just imagine the weight reduction being achieved by the usage of composite materials.

Checking Stations

  • Automotive Headliners
  • Floor Assemblies
  • Carpets
  • Dash Components
  • Wheel Well Liners
  • Thermal-acoustic Panels
  • Stamped Metal Parts
  • Bumpers
  • Fascia and more. We can build a gauge to check any part.

Die Cast Tooling

  • Gear Cases
  • Transmission Cases & Covers
  • Converter Housings
  • Engine Blocks
  • Valve Bodies
  • Channel Plates
  • Head Covers
  • Cam Carriers & Oil Pans
  • High-Integrity Structural Castings
  • Alternators, Starters & Brackets

Lawn & Garden

Lawn Tractor Fuel Tanks

Drainage Systems


Garden Ponds

Horticultural Containers



Converting rotational to blow mold application

While working with a mower manufacturer, Tooling Tech Group engineers were able to design and convert an existing rotational molded tank into a blow molded program very effectively in an effort to add efficiency and savings to the customer. Using industry experience and knowledge, the team designed a fold up mounting tab verses a conventional injection molded HPW solution.

The design focus allowed the processor to start up the program without a custom injection tab, saving over $25k in tooling costs. Furthermore, over the life of the program the savings per part would continue producing the tank more efficiently than the rotational method.

Household and Appliances

Rotational Molds Applications

Wide range of large-scale, hollow plastic parts such as:

Shower Stalls

Water Heaters

Soaking Tubs


Drainage Tiles




Blow Molds Applications

  • Storage Bins
  • Garbage Cans
  • Tool Boxes
  • Field Tiles & more...
  • Ice Coolers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Water Softeners
  • Sprayer Bottles
  • Garage Door Panels
  • Bookshelves
  • Shower Base Inserts
  • Flower Pots


Serving a broad range of major aerospace customers with award-winning quality.

Aerospace Experience

We have built tooling, fixtures and components for recent high-level aerospace & defense programs.

Common aerospace items in our portfolio include:

  • LJ (Locating Jigs)
  • BJ (Bond Jigs)
  • LM (Layup Mandrels)
  • HRF (Hand Router Fixtures)
  • OHME (Over Head Mechanical Equipment)
  • DJ (Drill Jigs)
  • Wing Spars

*(“fly-parts” are not included in our capabilities at this time.)

Award-Winning Quality

We have received the Boeing Supplier Award every year since 2010, maintaining the Gold level five years straight.

This places us in the top 1% of Boeing’s suppliers for quality & delivery.

Our Aerospace Customers

Tooling Tech Group serves a broad range of major aerospace customers, including:


Robotic Vision

Snap Press Tool 1

Snap Press Tool 2

Robotic Sonic Welder

Robotic Cutter

Heavy Gauge Pallet System

Bumper Punch

Some of our valued customers

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