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Call Us: (586) 580-4048     Request a Quote

Die Design

Hiring the right mold and die designer makes a difference.

Call for design, engineering & simulation information:
+1 (586) 580-4048

Call for design, engineering & simulation information: +1 (586) 580-4048

Die Design

Die Cad Group provides 3D design, 2D layouts, surfacing and detailing utilizing Catia V5 and Unigraphics (UG) NX design software.

Our years of experience in line dies, transfer dies, progressive dies and hot stamping dies, gives Die Cad the ability to take on all sorts of part shapes, sizes, and complexities. Our engineering and design teams are comprised of journeyman die makers, 3d model maker, tool shop design managers, product engineers and career die designers.

Die Cad Group has extensive experience in designing cast construction dies. We can work as a liaison between the pattern shop, foundry and our customers assisting with pattern release, pattern review and pattern buy off.

Design Outputs

  • Excel Generated BOM
  • Catia V5, Unigraphics (UG) NX
  • AutoCad (.dwg & .dxf)

From Concept to Completion

From concept to completion, our design engineers use CATIA V5 and Unigraphics (UG) NX software to develop a proven tool design that will perform in our customer’s manufacturing process.

Experienced in line dies, transfer dies, progressive dies, and hot stamping dies, Die Cad has knowledge of all sorts of part shapes, sizes, and complexities.

Putting Our Experience to Work for You

Incorporating fabricated (steel plate) or cast die sets, the extensive use of purchased components and the reduction of pieces allows us to produce a design that helps our customers build a die that reduces both cost and delivery times.

Handling Diverse Needs

Die Cad has the capacity and expertise to take on projects of all sizes and complexities at all levels of the supply chain.  Our continuous communication feedback loop starts at the product review step and continues through job approval.  Our mission is to work for the success of our customers.  Simply put, Die Cad strives to be easy to do business with while bringing value to each project.

Turn Key Service

We leverage the latest marketplace simulation and design technology to provide our customers with the very best part and process designs in a format that fits seamlessly with their design and manufacturing environments.


Die Cad Group delivers so much more than your typical die design services.

A complex project doesn’t have to mean juggling multiple companies. Die Cad Group is your single source for product development, process development, process cad design, technical support and strategic sourcing. Your Die Cad team carries out every facet of your project—for every software. One company, one team, one solution.

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