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Majestic Industries Announces Transfer Die Design, Build and Try-out

Majestic Industries Announces Transfer Die Design, Build and Try-out

March 13, 2019 – Majestic Industries, a Tooling Tech Group company and specialist in the design and build of large stamping dies, has expanded its capabilities to include transfer die try-out and production of large tools under one ram. These new services are enabled by Majestic’s recent investment in a new 280-in., 2,750-ton Eagle stamping press and linear transfer system for running transfer tooling, as well as other ancillary equipment to support the press.

“Our customers have come to rely upon us for our progressive die expertise and service,” said Brad Miller, general manager of Majestic. “With this new transfer die capability, we look forward to becoming even more of a one-stop tooling supplier for our stamping customers.”

The company has experience in the design and build of dies in multiple materials including HSLA 980, Dual Phase and Trip Steels. In addition to its state-of-the-art CAD software, Majestic employs laser technologies in its design process, helping to quickly assess and correct any springback conditions in the early stages of development. This enables the company to tackle very complex parts and achieve dimensional accuracy in a very short timeline.

All dies built by Majestic are tried and tested in a full production intent environment including feed rates, sensors, and scrap shedding capabilities. For transfer dies, the new press has a bed size of 280-in. (L to R) x 108-in. (F to B), a speed of 10 – 22 SPM, and a 36-in. stroke size. It can handle coils of aluminum or steel in widths up to 72-in., coil weight of 50,000-lb. and material, depending upon width and tensile strength, of up to 5-mm thick. (0.197-in.).

With the addition of this new 2,750-ton Eagle press and linear transfer system, Majestic Industries now offers transfer die design, build and tryout.

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