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CATIA V5 boosts our capacity for innovation and helps to validate complexities that may arise during multiple stages of die design. Allowing us to quickly address the challenges of sheet metal components, this software helps make sure the end results align with our customer’s guidelines and meets exacting standards for efficiency and quality.


Designing to Exact Standards

Utilizing CATIA V5, we are able to provide 3D design, 2D layouts, surfacing and detailing services for your company. Our trained CATIA V5 Die Designers have the creative ability to visualize the process of manufacturing metal parts, the technical experience to read, analyze and interpret engineering drawings, and the needed expertise to determine the methodology to create a design to exacting standards.

Additionally, our transfer press simulation accepts CATIA V5 imports (among many other software formats). Die Cad’s transfer press simulation can provide key insights into your transfer die process before dies are machined, eliminating expensive and time-consuming fixes later in the build stage.